Satisfied Customers

Following are some comments from some of our loyal and satisfied customers:

  • “I had Brian send some drawings up for quote. The first batch was conveyor parts. These were a "test" run with you guys. Let me tell you that you guys killed it. The quality was awesome. I am super impressed. Pricing was fair and the time line was workable for us. I am having him send off more drawings for quote. Our 4th quarter is very strong and projections going into 2018 show increased production for us. All good things. Thank you for all your help, and be sure to tell the team that worked on those parts it was some of the finest brake work we have seen, our welders were happy with how perfectly things folded together for easy welding with no gaps to fill !”

  • “I wanted to acknowledge that we have asked for a large bolus (I think it is 105 parts) of brand new sheet metal parts and we very much appreciate the responsiveness of EPOCS to both quote and fabricate everything that we have on order with you guys. Thanks a Million!”

  • “I’ve really appreciated everything you’ve done for us. Whenever we’re in a bind on lead-time for mechanical parts, my first question is ‘What’s our quote time from EPOCS!?’ ”